Wednesday, September 10, 2008

List demographics

The Wisconsin Migration Research Group now has 60 subscribers. In Fall 2006, around the time it was formed, there were under 10 subscribers.

A brief skim of the subscribers indicates that at least 9 are faculty (mostly at Wisconsin), many are sociology graduate students. Most of the new requests to be email subscribers are students from Prof. Susan Friedman's seminar on "migration and diaspora" (thanks for circulating the email, Susan!).

Many subscribers have now moved on beyond the borders of Wisconsin to places like New Jersey, San Francisco, parts of Spain, Colorado, Berkeley, and a few current Steering Committee members are on dissertation fellowships to collect data in Turkey and South Korea. There's now a "diaspora" of members, or so to speak.


We'll announce a date for the first dinner gathering, location/date/time to be announced shortly. It will take place in the last week of September.

Meanwhile, everyone who has contacted Mytoan to be subscribed as of today has been added to the list. :)

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