Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fall 2008 Welcome Back to the Wisconsin Migration Research Group

A few of the active participants from the last academic year are away doing international fieldwork (good for them!), but I know there's a handful of new graduates in town who want to be involved in a group that discusses and reads migration/immigrant related research.

1) VOLUNTEERS TO PRESENT? Who wants to present an in-progress paper or research proposal this semester? This is terribly self-interested of me to mention, but I know that I would benefit tremendously from having a chance to talk through some preliminary ideas for projects.

2) STEERING COMMITTEE? Who would be interested in serving on the AY 2008-2009 steering committee? We need to secure a pipeline of new leadership as the old crew is stepping back for others to get more involved. Being on the steering committee is a very low-demand responsibility (it can include volunteering your living room to host meetings, initiating meetings, bringing new members on board, or updating the blog or facebook group, and being the list moderator who adds/deletes email subscribers).

3) BLOG CONTRIBUTORS? Who else would like to be invited to be a blog contributor? Visit I haven't updated it in a while, but there's plenty of opportunities to have a "virtual" presence with the group.

4) FIRST MEETING DATE? We should have one some time in September. Please send a list of preferred times/days of the week (e.g., late afternoons, Fridays; early evenings, Tuesdays, etc.; we can be family friendly!)

Please feel free to share this email with others who aren't currently subscribed to the group's email list.

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