Monday, January 7, 2008

Migration Group - Spring 2008

Dear Wisconsin Migration Research Group,

This was a very productive and successful past semester due to the participation of so many of you who have been a "virtual" and "in-person" participant of the research group.

  • We hosted delicious dinners where presenters got to share their in-progress work with a small, intimate group of mostly graduate students in the Social Sciences and Humanities at UW Madison. Thank you to Steering Committee Member Hae Yeon, Dept of Sociology, for hosting these lovely dinners in her beautiful apartment.
  • We have a total of 55 subscribers to the listserve: majority of whom are graduate students (one undergraduate), faculty, and staff at Madison join our listserve and several colleagues overseas and elsewhere.
  • We became part of a nationwide academic Immigration Network comprised of Berkeley, Harvard, UC San Diego, University of Chicago, Georgetown, and Minnesota researchers.
  • Our email group continues to circulate calls for conference papers, reports, and queries relevant to the study of migration/immigrants/public policy/race& ethnicity/methodological issues.
  • Our group currently has 15 members. Search for "Wisconsin Migration Research Group" to join -- anyone can be added.
The Spring 2008 Steering Committee is comprised of:

Hae Yeon Choo, Dept of Sociology
Susan Rottman, Dept of Anthropology
Darlyne Bautista, Southeast Asian Studies Center
Steven Alvardado, Dept of Sociology (currently away at Princeton)
Mytoan Nguyen, Dept of Sociology (currently on leave to do research abroad)
Lynet Uttal, Assoc. Prof of Human Development & Family Studies
Ted Gerber, Prof of Sociology

* Subscribed members can continue to post to:
* To get on the list, email (please allow for a few days' turnaround time to be added).

Warm Regards,

Mytoan Nguyen
Steering Committee

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